Balenciaga slammed for selling basic rain boots for $1,000: ‘What an absolute bargain’

Balenciaga slammed for selling basic rain boots for ,000: ‘What an absolute bargain’

They’re raining on Balenciaga’s parade.

The luxe fashion house — known for its eccentric designs that stoke controversy — is under scrutiny for a $1,000 pair of rain boots that are dead ringers for less costly waders.

The designer brand’s polyurethane, wide-calf Men’s Excavator Boot, which also features an upturned toe box and Balenciaga branding in white text against the jet-black shoe, runs for $1,165 online.

But the purposefully oversized puddle stompers have been likened to classic Hunter Wellington boots, which typically go for less than $200.

“Balenciaga wellies,” one person said, per Jam Press. “What an absolute bargain.”

“For people with skinny feet and super wide legs,” another chimed in.

Balenciaga is no stranger to the viral squabbles that erupt from its collections.

Black Balenciaga rain boots
The black boots feature an upturned-toe box and the label’s logo print on the side of the ultra-wide calf.
Jam Press/Balenciaga

Facebook comment
Online, users slammed the luxe brand for touting the 100% polyurethane boots, likening them to cost-effective Wellingtons.
Jam Press/Balenciaga

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The boots have a purposeful “oversized” look, hence the wide calves.
Jam Press/Balenciaga

The luxury label has touted tattered garments for hundreds to thousands of dollars — a distressed hat for $360, a filthy jacket for nearly $3,000 and matching destroyed trousers for $2,300.

Then, there were the groin-high fisherman-style stiletto waders for nearly $3,500, a $1,790 trash bag-inspired tote and, most recently, a $4,290 colossal bucket bag fitted with a glove for supposedly transporting it with ease.

Lefties be damned — the non-detachable sleeve is made for right arms only.

Baleciaga children's advertisement
Last year, Balenciaga was embroiled in controversy over an advert featuring children holding what looked like BDSM-style stuffed animals.
Jam Press/Balenciaga

Children's campaign from Balenciaga
Aside from last year’s controversy, the brand has ignited raucous debate online with its eccentric accessories.
Jam Press/Balenciaga

Balenciaga, which has long been meme-ified for its outlandish accessory designs, was embroiled in controversy last year after publishing and advert featuring children holding stuffed animals dressed in bondage-style garb.

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The ad sparked backlash from the brand’s longtime customers, as angered people logged onto TikTok to document trashing their formerly loved Balenciaga pieces.

The fashion house will debut its latest collection at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, Oct. 1.

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