Danny Masterson’s ‘distraught’ wife Bijou Phillips has ‘no plans’ for divorce after rape conviction: report

This couple may truly be made for each other.

Bijou Phillips is “distraught” after her husband, Danny Masterson, 47, was sentenced last week to 30 years in prison for rape, but the 43-year-old actress has “no plans” to end her 12-year marriage.

“She has had a very difficult time since the conviction,” a source told People. “She loves Danny and has no plans to file for divorce. She will be by his side for it all.”

The daughter of musician John Phillips, the lead vocalist of the Mamas & the Papas, and actress Geneviève Waïte is “surrounded by family and friends” and trying to stay positive and in good spirits during this difficult time.

“She is in touch with his lawyer,” the source added. “They are planning appeals. She tries to stay hopeful.”

The Post reached out to Phillips’s rep for comment.

Bijou Phillps and Danny Masterson
Bijou Phillips maintained a constant presence during Danny Masterson’s trial. At sentencing she “kept her sunglasses on the entire time and remained stoic.”

After sentencing, Masterson’s legal team noted that they plan to appeal the court’s decision due to “substantial” errors they believe occurred during the trial.

“For the past several months, a team of the top appellate lawyers in the country has been reviewing transcripts of the trial. They have identified a number of significant evidentiary and constitutional issues which they will address in briefs to both the state and federal courts,” Masterson’s defense attorney, Shawn Holley, told reporters outside the courthouse. 

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“The errors which occurred in this case are substantial and unfortunately led to verdicts which are not supported by the evidence,” Holley added. “And though we have great respect for the jury in this case and for our system of justice overall, sometimes they get it wrong.” 

Masterson was found guilty of two counts of rape in May for sexually assaulting Jen B. and N. Trout in his Hollywood-area home in 2003. He was sentenced to 15 years for each count, which will be served consecutively.

This was the maximum sentence allowed under the law for the former “That 70’s Show” star, who will be eligible for parole only after serving more than 25 years. 

Phillips was a constant presence at Masterson’s trial. During sentencing at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Sept. 7, the “Bridge to Nowhere” actress reportedly “kept her sunglasses on the entire time and remained stoic” while sitting with Masterson’s mother, Carol Masterson.

Phillips and Masterson met at a poker tournament in Las Vegas in 2004. During their courtship, the couple starred in two movies together, "Made for Each Other" and "The Bridge to Nowhere."
Phillips and Masterson met at a poker tournament in Las Vegas in 2004. During their courtship, the couple starred in two movies together, “Made for Each Other” and “The Bridge to Nowhere.”

“One way or another you will have to come to terms with your prior actions, and their consequences,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo told Masterson.

“You are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago took away another person’s voice and choice. Your actions 20 years ago were criminal, and that is why you are here,” she added, according to Variety.

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In redacted character reference letters provided to Olmedo, Phillips begged for leniency and asked the judge to consider their daughter, Fianna, 9.

“Our daughter and I are heartbroken that he is not home with us,” she wrote. “Danny and I have been together for 19 years. We married in 2011 and our beautiful daughter was born in 2014. She is the bright spot throughout many years of crises and uncertainty. I can say that Danny has literally been a life-saving partner to me.”

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