Daryl Hall, John Oates claimed they ‘never’ had ‘real fight’ before lawsuit: ‘It’s a miracle’

Daryl Hall, John Oates claimed they ‘never’ had ‘real fight’ before lawsuit: ‘It’s a miracle’

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All good things must come to an end — including Daryl Hall and John Oates’ friendship.

Together, the duo were the beloved ’70s pop duo Hall & Oates, but on Thursday, a judge granted Hall, 77, a temporary restraining order against Oates, 75, shocking fans around the world in what seems to be the beginning of a tense legal battle.

Hall also filed a lawsuit against Oates in Nashville on Wednesday, and while the legal documents are sealed, the documents are labeled as relating to a “contract/debt” suit.

Just three years ago, The Post’s Chuck Arnold spoke with the pair — separately, that is — ahead of their sold-out Madison Square Garden show in a conversation in which Hall claimed the “Maneater” songsters “never fight.”

“Is there any song that you two fought over?” Arnold asked each member.

Portrait of American musicians Darryl Hall (left) and John Oates at the Whitehall Hotel in Chicago on Nov. 5, 1981.
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Hall told The Post in 2020 that he and Oates “never fight.”

“No. John and I never fight,” Hall declared at the time. We’ve never had a real fight since we’ve known each other — and that’s since we were kids, teenagers. We just know to deal with each other. That’s why we’re still together.”

Oates added in his interview, “The fact that Daryl and I are still friends, that he and I still get along — it’s a miracle. But we do.”

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The Post has contacted reps for Hall and Oates for comment.

Daryl Hall, left, and John Oates pose before the 56th annual BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills in 2008.

While it’s unknown exactly what the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are fighting over, Hall doubled down on the fact that the pair are “business partners” on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast last year.

“John and I are brothers, but we are not creative brothers. We are business partners. We made records called ‘Hall & Oates’ together, but we’ve always been very separate, and that’s a really important thing for me.”

Hall & Oates formed in Philadelphia in 1970. With hits including “Rich Girl,” “You Make My Dreams (Come True),” and “Out of Touch,” they’ve sold over 80 million records worldwide.

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