Did your ex give you a ‘demon STI’? An exorcist explains how to forget them for good

Did your ex give you a ‘demon STI’? An exorcist explains how to forget them for good

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Did your toxic ex leave you with way more than debt, trust issues, and a proverbial box full of darkness?

Acclaimed nondenominational exorcist, author, and energy specialist Rachel (R.H.) Stavis reveals that entities can function like sexually transmitted infections — and you can indeed get a demon from getting it on.

Stavis tells The Post, “Sex is an energetic exchange. When two people combine this way, energy can move from person to person. If one of them carries an entity, it can affect the other. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of the connections we make both physically and energetically!”

I’m 80% sure I picked up some such demon STI from an Aries bartender in Boulder, Colorado. Thanks for the hangover, HPV and entity, Russ — sending you love and light!

As February is the month of lovers past, present, and future, we are joining forces with Stavis to divine ways to exorcise your ex and call in what you truly deserve.

You can indeed get a demon from getting it on.

Heartbreak is demon bait

Learn how to get wholehearted while keeping the baddies at bay. Вероника Преобра

Stavis — whose bestselling memoir, “Sister of Darkness,” is being adapted into a television series — explains that misery is a magnet.

“Entities are drawn to trauma; when we are in a low-frequency state it’s much easier for them to attach,” she continued. “Certain entities, like wraiths, are specifically drawn to relationship issues and heartbreak. These entities can also cause night terrors and sleep paralysis, and are often the ‘dark figures’ people report at night.”

“Let’s clear the way for love energetically and attract exactly what (and who) you want!”

R.H. Stavis

Yes, folks, heartbreak can haunt you in myriad ways.

Looking to find love or get free? Stavis has you covered: “Let’s clear the way for love energetically and attract exactly what (and who) you want!”

Is your relationship energy stuck?

Exorcist R.H. Stavis suggests a ritual of burning to exorcise your ex. Photo Credit_ Philipe Photographer

Are you hung up on the past? Do demons want you to be alone? Stavis, who has performed more than 10,000 exorcisms, explains, “The more misery the better when it comes to attachments. If you’ve been struggling with being single, that could be part of the problem.”

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To identify if your relationship energy is stuck, honestly respond to the following questions:

  • Are you still nostalgic for someone?
  • Are you still holding onto items they gave you or items that belonged to them?
  • Are you over them, but not over your experiences with them?

“If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then your energy is STUCK,” Stavis emphasized. “I’m sure you heard about the cleansing properties of burning sage, but many plants, herbs, and blends go far beyond sage’s power to clear and heal.”

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Burn or diffuse the following elements for energetic clarity and freedom from the hex of your ex. olegkruglyak3 – stock.adobe.com

Stavis’s at-home, anti-stuck cleansing ritual can be burned or diffused.

“While burning (or diffusing), ask Spirit to remove old energy from your heart, mind, and home,” she recommends.

  • Copal — for clearing old energy
  • Sandalwood — for uniting mind, body, and spirit
  • Rose — for inviting love in
  • Anise — for exorcising old pain
  • Cedar — for success and road opening
  • Dandelion root — for strength
  • Blue lotus — connect to clarity

“Any items you are holding on to are holding you back! Donate, burn, or release them to someone else to break energetic bonds.”

R.H. Stavis

Stavis also imparts the importance of ridding yourself of mementos and material reminders of your relationship. “Any items you are holding on to are holding you back!” she notes. “Donate, burn, or release them to someone else to break energetic bonds.”

Ritual to reclaim yourself

Remember that you are worthy, and you are not your trauma. zolotareva_elina – stock.adobe.c

Calling upon recovering codependents, Stavis asks, “Were you in a relationship that dragged you down energetically? Do you still feel like you haven’t recovered, or you’re ‘not whole’? Let’s change that with an easy and effective mediation ritual.”

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Follow these steps:

  • Sit quietly.
  • Take three deep breaths and close your eyes.
  • See yourself as made of mirrors.
  • Notice where there are missing pieces — places that are not reflecting and may be dark. These are parts of yourself you’ve given to past partners.
  • Envision those pieces coming back to you until you are complete and reflective.
  • When you are whole again, thank Spirit for aiding you in your energetic healing journey.

Step into your power

Heal yourself from the haunting of the past with the following tips.

For many of us, disempowerment is a symptom of relationship-related trauma.

Stavis asks, “When was the last time you felt sexy? Powerful? Passionate? Like anyone would be lucky to be with you? If not, let’s align that energy!”

Follow these three steps to go from haunted husk to bad b—h.

1. Paint yourself with the colors of courage

Stavis recommends wearing red as a symbol of vitality and new beginnings. ViDi Studio – stock.adobe.com

“Color has a lot to do with energy; add more red to your wardrobe for courage, passion, and new beginnings, add purple for connection to your higher self and to bring in the vibrations of reality,” Stavis advises.

2. Keep quartz close

Stavis recommends carrying or wearing rose quartz. Serena Tayyan – stock.adobe.com

“Carry rose quartz for attracting love and amping self-love, and carnelian for igniting passion within,” Stavis says. “Even better if you wear these stones as jewelry as others will notice! Either way, having them with you will imprint them with your energy and vice versa, increasing feelings of love, attraction, and worthiness!”

3. Repeat a mantra of enoughness

A little morning mirror mantra does wonders for affirmation and alignment. dodotone – stock.adobe.com

“Add an energetic mantra to your day. In the morning, in a mirror say: ‘I am worthy. I am powerful. I am everything I need,’” Stavis proposes. “You’ll notice the energy shift immediately. Do this every day for 30 days and you’ll see the full results!”

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Embody your dream lover

We sell ourselves and our future relationships short when we create a list of things we want in a partner rather than cultivating these qualities in ourselves.

Stavis tells The Post, “Here’s an energetic secret: often what we want is something vibrationally higher than what we’ve had in the past. We have to raise ourselves up to find it — it won’t lower itself to find us. If you want someone kind, generous, healthy, and honest, then you must BE those things. Then, and only then, will you be on the same energetic level of exactly who you want.”

Be the lover you wish you had. Carlos – stock.adobe.com

As part of that process of rising, embodying, and attracting, Stavis recommends deepening the relationship you have with yourself. Psst, the kids are calling it masterdating.

“Love must be nurtured, and self-love requires the same nurturing. Take yourself on a date, learn something new, go somewhere you’ve never been!” Stavis urges. “Having new experiences changes energy. If you’ve been feeling stagnant or struggling to find love, now is the time to make big, fun changes. Cleanse, align, and enjoy!”

For more information about R.H. Stavis or to book a remote removal session, find her on Instagram and TikTok.

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