‘Home Alone’ fans react to how much Kevin’s supermarket trip would be in 2023

‘Home Alone’ fans react to how much Kevin’s supermarket trip would be in 2023

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If “Home Alone” is on your Christmas-movie watch list, join the club. And yes, we’re only including the ones with Macaulay Culkin – no offense to Jim Carey, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, and anyone else who played a lead character in a festive flick!

While many have speculated what exactly Kevin’s dad did to afford a mansion in Chicago and 13 first-class tickets to Paris for Christmas – he most certainly could not be the one paying the bills in 2023!

Between inflation and the astronomical rise in the cost of living, many of us are now left wondering: “What would Kevin’s grocery bill come to today?”

One TikTok user, Geoffrey Lyons, did the maths, and let’s just say, if Kevin was shopping today (in the US), he’d need more than a $20 bill.

Let’s go back a moment.

In the famous grocery shopping scene, 8-year-old Kevin McCallister is shopping at a grocery store by himself after his family accidentally left him behind for their Paris holiday vacation.

While they’re away, Kevin figures he should stock up on some grocery staples.

Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, in a scene from Home Alone shopping for groceries. 20th Century Fox

Side note, if my 8-year-old was shopping for any household essentials, it would be a trolley full of lollies!

Kevin’s shopping list

Alright, Home Alone fans, let’s now recap what was on Kevin’s shopping list that day. 

  • TV dinner 
  • Loaf of Wonder Bread
  • Frozen mac and cheese
  • Cling wrap 
  • Half gallon (2L) of milk
  • Tide laundry detergent 
  • Toilet paper
  • Half gallon (2L) of orange juice 
  • Pack of army men
  • Dryer sheets
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After all the items are rung up, Kevin hands a $20 bill to Sally, the store clerk, spending a total of $19.83. And that’s with the $1 off coupon for the Tropicana orange juice.

A TikToker unveiled how much the actor would have spent if he went grocery shopping in 2023. sellitlikelyons/TikTok

Lyons then goes through each product Kevin bought and lists what that grocery item would cost today at a regular supermarket.

“So, I broke it down, $4.50 for the orange juice. $4.50 for the saran wrap. TV dinner: couldn’t find the same one, so we did $5 for that one because it had the food inside,” he says. 

“$13.00 for the Tide. $3.00 for the Wonder Bread. $3.50 for the frozen mac. $4.60 for the milk. You got $8.79 for the dryer sheets. You got $8.00 for the toilet paper, and you got just $9.00 for the toy soldiers.”

KEVIN! You spent how much on groceries?

So, how much would Kevin McAllister’s groceries cost in 2023? The bill would start at USD $63.73. Plus tax which would bring the total to $68.00 (after the $1.00 coupon, of course).

Lyons notes that there is a 248% percent increase in price.

The viral TikTok video, with over 3 million views, had some Christmas-cracker responses.

McCallister’s family accidentally left him behind for their Paris holiday vacation so he decided to make the most out of his alone time. ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Self checkout I’m still paying 19.83 today”

“A $100 bill is the new $20 bill,” one user commented.

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“I bet the cashier’s wage is still the same in 2023 😂,” another joked.

“Self checkout I’m still paying 19.83 today,” someone bravely admits.

“For reference, $19.83 in 1990 would be equal to about $46.68 today. So it’s not just inflation. Things are way too expensive now,” another maths whizz jumped in.

“Kevin was in CHICAGO, it’s expensive! And he would pay for bags today.”

It’s so true, we forgot to add an extra $1 for bags!   

“Buy the same stuff at Aldi you spent $35,” a conscious shopper went on to add. 

In 2023, the 8-year-old would have to pay $68.00 for groceries. sellitlikelyons/TikTok

What would Kevin’s shop cost today? 

While we don’t expect a reboot in Australia, we wanted to do a little experiment of our own.

What if Kevin found himself strolling down the aisles at Woolies? Glad you asked, he would have spent a total of…


Let’s not even think about that $900 room service bill at the end of Home Alone 2!

Enjoy the 90s prices as you watch this classic Christmas movie. We know we will. 

Oh, and … “Keep the change you filthy animals!” …  if you have any!

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