How Alex Rodriguez dropped 32 pounds with the help of girlfriend Jaclyn Cordeiro

How Alex Rodriguez dropped 32 pounds with the help of girlfriend Jaclyn Cordeiro

Alex Rodriguez is looking a little different these days.

The 48-year-old baseball icon revealed he lost 32 pounds recently thanks to his girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro.

The pair have been dating for nearly a year and she’s been “incredible” for him — and even his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

“[Jac is] the only person that can come into coparents and make us both better,” he recently explained to Us Weekly.

Rodriguez and Scurtis, 50, share daughters Natasha, 18, and Ella, 15.

“Cynthia has got in incredible shape following the JacFit program [and] I’ve lost 32 pounds following her program,” the athlete said.

Cordeiro is a health guru who has made her livelihood on being a nurse as well as being a lifestyle, fitness and wellness specialist.

The Canadian native is also the owner of JacFit, a program designed to help others get their mind, body and soul into shape.

Of her nursing background, Rodriguez explained that she “comes from a world of [being] very caring and proactive.”

Jaclyn Cordeiro and Alex Rodriguez
Jaclyn Cordeiro and Alex Rodriguez attend the T-Mobile’s Derby After Dark Party in July 2023.

“She’s used to taking care of people that are sick,” he gushed. “What I love about what she’s done in JacFit and the amount of people that she’s influenced and the reaction that I see from people to her, it’s really mind-blowing.”

“I see what she’s done in my life, with my health [and with] Cynthia to name a few,” he continued. “She comes at it from a very proactive [place] and helps you get in tremendous shape so you don’t have to hopefully be sick and prevent any type of health issues.”

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The former New York Yankee player also touched upon his partnership with OraPharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to oral health, and why his dental hygiene is very important to him.

Jaclyn Cordeiro and Alex Rodriguez
The couple take in a basketball game at the Arena in January 2023.
Getty Images

Rodriguez and OraPharm have united to spread awareness regarding gum disease, which he describes as being a “very chronic, misunderstood under-diagnosed disease.”

“Oral health is connected to total body health and it is important,” he said, a doing that his dentist made him aware of that one could have bleeding gums when he or she brushes their teeth.

“Thank goodness that I did go see my dentist [who] made me aware of this. And, of course [I was] nervous at first, but once he talked me through it, I knew that it was something that you can manage and improve,” he stated.

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