I hired a hot nanny — people say my husband will leave me but I’m not worried

I hired a hot nanny — people say my husband will leave me but I’m not worried

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She’s a model mom. 

Katie, a mom of twins living in Byron Bay, Australia, is standing up to social media trolls who told her it was a mistake to hire a hot nanny because her husband would undoubtedly cheat on her. 

Katie, who goes by @whenkatiemetharry on a shared TikTok page with her husband Harry, posted a video of her alleged new live-in au pair, a 21-year-old Swedish woman named Elsa, playing with her kids.

Since being posted three days ago, that video has more than 2 million views and scores of comments telling her that her hiring decision was a mistake because her nanny looks like “a Victoria’s Secret model.”

“I give 3 weeks until she finds her husband and the au pair cozied up in the bedroom,” one person commented. 

“100% chance husband is going to dump you for her. It’s coming,” a second person chimed in. 

“u better keep any eye on her with your hubby,” said a third. 


😤 now whats YOUR take? Because something about this really rubs me the wrong way and it surprisingly has nothing to do with the connotation that my Husband would cheat. That literally ruffles zero of my very secure feathers 🙃 What DOES however bother me is this very much sounds like if the man wants to sleep with her then it’s a done deal as if the young woman in the equation has NO choice. Why do all these comments sound like ALL beautiful young women are game for sleeping with a married man ?!? Like wtf…and the reality is the type of person who would be more likely to fall into those toxic type of patterns has so much more to do with what’s going on on the INSIDE than what’s going on on the OUTSIDE. A persons energy, the way they treat my children and me, the way they interact with my husband are far more important and telling than the way they look. Does this make sense ? #momtok #aupair #hotnanny #cheatinghusband #hottake #twinmom #fyp #trending

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After sharing footage of her new au pair, Katie said commenters told her that her husband would cheat. TikTok / @whenkatiemetharry

Katie’s video caught another TikToker’s attention who posted a video talking about her hiring choice that called her nanny Elsa, “An 11.” 

“She’s a smoking hot Victoria’s Secret supermodel-looking 21-year-old with a golden tan,” the woman said before calling Katie “average American pretty.”

In a stitch with that TikToker that has garnered 1.4 million views since being posted yesterday, Katie explained the reasons she isn’t concerned with her hiring choice at all. 

Trolls said that her nanny Elsa was “an 11” and called Katie “average.” TikTok / @@elsanordstrom

“I trust my husband implicitly. We actually have a really secure, amazing relationship,” she told her 500,000-plus followers.

She said another reason she hired her nanny is because she “doesn’t discriminate against people for the way they look.”

Her third reason she’s not worried was that she “used to be a very hot 21-year-old girl also and I dealt with a lot of stigma and a lot of judgment from people like you who thought I wanted to sleep with your man.”

She said she wanted to make one thing very clear: “Just because I was beautiful and 21 does not mean that I was sleeping with married men.”

Katie said that she wouldn’t discriminate against someone’s looks when hiring them. TikTok / @@elsanordstrom

She said there’s also the argument that beautiful girls get lots of attention from men and that small interactions with her husband “won’t be on her radar at all.”

She said she picked her nanny because of her energy and how she interacts with her and her children. 

The Post reached out to Katie for comment.

Katie’s commenters thanked her for her unwavering confidence and told her that she was also beautiful. 

“Wow did she really call you average how cause you are fine. They just want you to feel insecure pls don’t be,” one person said. 

“If a man wants to cheat, he will. Beckham and Jude Law cheated on their beautiful partners with less attractive nannies,” a second person chimed in. 

Katie said she and her husband have a secure marriage and that just because someone is 21 and pretty, doesn’t mean they sleep with married men. TikTok / @whenkatiemetharry

“Such a secure, grounded and attractive woman! Xx,” said a third.

Katie posted a third follow-up video giving her haters an eyeful that has more than 94,000 views since being posted hours ago.

“Trying to hype myself up after the internet told me my husband is gunna cheat on me and leave me for someone 10 years younger,” she captioned a video of her dancing in a bikini.

Her followers gave her ample support in the comments section. 

“Let them talk girl!!! You’re hootttt! They’re just jealous cuz you could actually walk the Victoria’s Secret runway yourself !” one said. 

“You’re incredible! You’re self-security and self-confidence is so refreshing – who wouldn’t be when you’re THIS SMOKIN!” said a third. 

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