I keep my strawberries fresh for almost a month with this simple hack

I keep my strawberries fresh for almost a month with this simple hack

Everlasting berries.

A woman revealed a simple hack to make fresh strawberries last up to three weeks — but people are divided if it works or not.

“I’m lucky if I get them to last five days before they start to turn when I buy them. I don’t know who else knows this trick, but if you don’t, you’re welcome,” Julie Morgan shared in a now-viral Facebook post.

Morgan, 36, admitted when she purchased the fruit, she didn’t anticipate it would last long, so she decided to try out a new hack to see if it could give her berries longevity.

She put the fresh strawberries in a sealed glass jar filled with water and discovered that they were still in good condition after three weeks.

The UK resident posted the results online to help others prevent their fruits from going bad.

“These ones, no word of a lie, are over three weeks old. From the superstore,” the photo caption read. “It took me 36 years to find out that if you put strawberries in glass jars, they last forever.”

Although it has taken her nearly four decades to discover the hack, people are just happy she shared the tip.

“Oh my God. Thank you. I so needed that, my strawberries go bad so quick,” commented one person.

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“I’m sick of throwing half a tub away,” added another. “Works for all berries and grapes.”

jar of strawberries
Morgan put the strawberries in a closed jar filled with water and left it for three weeks.
Julie Morgan/Facebook

However, some people disagree with the hack, claiming the fruits went bad faster.

“Load of s–t. I tried it. They went off quicker,” one snarked.

“Why would you want to eat strawberries that are three weeks old and who knows how long they sat prior to buying? The nutrient content would be significantly diminished,” wrote a disgusted spectator.

The Kitchn’s culinary expert Jesse Szewczyk also doesn’t agree with the method to add water inside a jar filled with strawberries.

Instead, he recommends placing “unwashed strawberries straight into the jar, screw the lid on, and pop it in the fridge.” He added this method worked “surprisingly well.”

However, Szewczyk revealed the glass jar approach isn’t the best method to have long-lasting fruits.

Culinary expert Jesse Szewczyk believes the vinegar bath method provides longer-lasting strawberries compared to other methods.
Alexstar – stock.adobe.com

He tested seven different methods: rinsed on a paper towel, original carton, glass jar, hulled in a baking pan, hot bath water, vinegar bath, un-rinsed on paper towel and vinegar bath.

“Some of the storing methods worked better than others, but there was one clear winner that kept the strawberries perfectly fresh for an entire week: soaking them in a vinegar-water solution.” 

Szewczyk revealed the fruits lasted an entire week and only 5% of the berries were spoiled.

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