I looked through my boyfriend’s phone and found he secretly hated me

I looked through my boyfriend’s phone and found he secretly hated me

Everything is not what it seems.

A woman named Lily confessed that she discovered her boyfriend was never that into her. While snooping through her beau’s phone while he was asleep, she told the Daily Mail that she found several degrading text messages about her.

“[He] and his friends spent hours making fun of what I said, degrading and embarrassing me,” Lily shared in a now-deleted post, the Mail reported. “Every insecurity I had was laid out into his group chats and made into a punchline.”

The US resident didn’t normally pry into her boyfriend’s phone, but one night she had a gut feeling she could not ignore, so she searched for her name in text messages.

“I don’t condone looking through phones, I think it’s wrong and an invasion of privacy. I did not have a reason to look through his phone, but what I found shocked me to my core,” she revealed.

The message results were disheartening and “foul,” as seen in screenshots Lily, whose name was changed for privacy, shared with the Daily Mail. Her boyfriend demeaned their relationship, mocked her body and revealed he “couldn’t stand her in public.” The menace of a man even mentioned he hated their sex life.

“He called my intimate parts ‘weird’, said he hated the things I did in bed and made mean jokes, saying things like: ‘It would be hot, but not when Lily does it’ or ‘It’s hot for a minute, but then this b–ch opens her f–king mouth’.”

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The heartbroken woman was astonished by her partner’s perspective on her and the relationship.

“I felt like I was reading the messages of a stranger, not my loving and supportive boyfriend. He supported me endlessly, said how much he loved talking about the things I was passionate about. I thought we shared the same values.”

As much as she tried to understand where the relationship went wrong, she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“We never fought, spent all our time together, he went out of his way for me all the time. He made an effort to get to know my friends, any time I had issues in our relationship, we’d chat about it and he’d step up in the perfect way.”

However, her boyfriend held in his true feelings about Lily, venting to his friends about his distaste for his girlfriend.

“He had endless conversations about how he ‘can’t f–king stand me’, that ‘I am so f–king lame.’ He said I never add anything to conversations and that he’s only with me for the sex,” she wrote.

Lily, who was openly pansexual, worked with an LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization, another thing her boyfriend disagreed with, referring to her with a slur.

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The unruly boyfriend made fun of her body and revealed how he couldn’t stand being around her.
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“Everything was so misogynistic and homophobic, and he said women should never be in charge of anything because we’re the reason the world was going to crap.”

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The one night of snooping was enough to convince Lily to dump the ignorant man.

“I broke up with him immediately, he tried to explain it away but I couldn’t listen to him,” she said. “It was one of the weirdest breakups ever, I feel so sick to my stomach.”

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