I lost 70 lbs in 7 months eating cookies and chips — never working out

I lost 70 lbs in 7 months eating cookies and chips — never working out

She downed cookies, chips and ice cream — and now she’s down 70 pounds. 

A Maryland mother of one — who tipped the scales at 200 pounds in late 2022 — has shrunk to a svelte 125 pounds by modifying her diet to include tasty, yet calorie- and carb-smart treats from a nationwide grocer. 

And her snack-centric slenderizing has social media salivating. 

“Healthy groceries from Aldi that have helped me lose 70 pounds,” a newly slim Caroline Mabeus wrote in the closed-captions of her TikTok tell-all to her 85,000 followers. 

In the clip, the brunette showcased the low-fat goodies she’s gobbled in an effort to cut the fat, including 100-calorie baked chocolate chip cookie wafers, almond flour cookies, baked potato chips, crème filled snack bars, fruity ice pops, mint-flavored ice cream sandwiches and a Buffalo chicken calzone. 

A screenshot of baked barbecue chips from Caroline Mabeus' intermittent fasting diet.
Mabeus showed off the low-calorie cookies she enjoyed during her weight-loss journey.

Her shopping cart wasn’t filled with just yummy processed bites, however. Mabeus, too, displayed an array of veggies, lean meats and keto-friendly grains she used to fuel her speedy, eye-popping evolution. 

In a series of posts dedicated to her weight-loss journey — including viral clips with over 3.2 million views, featuring before and after images of her seven-month transformation — the trimmed belle revealed her winning strategy. 

“Intermittent fasting,” wrote Mabeus in the on-screen text of a video titled: “How I lost 70 pounds,” adding that she maintained a 16-to-8 hour eating schedule. 

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The mom went on to list, “Stayed in a calorie deficit, drank lots of water, ate a high-protein diet, no fried food/ high sugar desserts, made healthy food choices, found delicious healthy meals that have helped me lose weight and keep it off.”

A screenshot of baked barbecue chips from Caroline Mabeus' intermittent diet.
In her trending TikTok, Mabeus showed followers her fave foods, including yummy snacks like baked barbecue chips.

Fans of Mabeus’ fine-tuned frame freaked out over her new look. 

“Ooo girl you did thatttt I’m so proud of youuuu,” fawned a commenter. 

“You’re such an inspiration,” another cheered. 

“Do u work out?,” a supporter asked, to which Mabeus replied, “No!,” insisting that her metamorphosis can mostly be credited to her timed eating regimen and thoughtful food selections. 

And while Mabeus claims to have enjoyed success through intermittent fasting, a recent study by the University of Colorado determined that the diet is no better than counting calories.

And a separate investigation via the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found a possible link between intermittent fasting and Type 2 diabetes. 

But those who’ve lost their bulges and dropped dress sizes like Mabeus seem to be steadfastly committed to the plan. 

When a digital hater attempted to diminish her success, sarcastically saying, “Losing those 70lbs is your whole personality now,” Mabeus clapped back with: “It was a big life change so yeah, lol.”

The Post reached out to Mabeus for comment.

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