I would ‘f–king die’ for embattled Eagles security boss Big Dom: ex-tackle Beau Allen

I would ‘f–king die’ for embattled Eagles security boss Big Dom: ex-tackle Beau Allen

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The legend of “Big Dom” continues to rise.

Dom DiSandro, the Eagles’ chief security officer who was ejected from Sunday’s game against the 49ers after being part of a scuffle with San Francisco linebacker Dre Greenlaw, has become something of a cult figure as stories have started to emanate about him following his brush with fame (or infamy).

Former Eagles nose tackle Beau Allen joined the “Crossing Broadcast” and gave his perspective on the matter.

“I love Big Dom, man,” Allen said.

“I tweeted last night, I’d f–king die for Big Dom. I kind of missed it live. I was cooking dinner. All of a sudden my phone started blowing up. I got a text from Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s like, ‘You see your boy Big Dom get booted from the Linc?’”

Allen, who played for the Eagles from 2014-19, recalled that he was like “Oh s–t” and sprinted over to his TV.

“I had to run it back and watch it like three or four times,” he said.

Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro. AP

“And the standing ovation he got on the way out the door was phenomenal to me.”

Nevertheless, Allen admitted that he didn’t think Greenlaw should have gotten ejected from the game.

“It’s gonna cost him a game check. It’s going to be a huge pain in the ass,” Allen said.

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Dom DiSandro (r) points at Dre Greenlaw (l). Getty Images
Beau Allen (center) said he would ‘f–king die’ for Big Dom, the head of security for the Eagles who was ejected from Sunday’s game against the 49ers. Getty Images

Allen referenced ProFootballTalk founder Mike Florio saying that Dom should get suspended given that the NFL revoked the credentials of the photographer who participated in Tyreek Hill’s touchdown celebration, and vigorously disagreed with the point.

“Just let’s f–king relax, OK?” Allen asked.

Allen, who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles, was asked to give his favorite Big Dom story and, with a glimmer in his eye suggesting it was not meant for public consumption, said that “I actually can’t give you my favorite Big Dom story.”

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