I’m a doctor — this is why you fart so much and why some stink more

An influencer is having a gas. 

A doctor who goes by Doctor Sooj on TikTok has gone viral for sharing just how much people fart — and why some pass more gas more than others. 

The 31-year-old from Hertfordshire, England, said that the average person toots five to 15 times a day.

In one of his viral videos — which has already racked up 587,600 views — Sooj explains that certain health conditions can lead to increased flatulence. 

“The NHS says that the average person farts between five and 15 times a day, but more than that can be normal for some people,” Sooj says in the clip.

“However, it can also be an indicator of certain conditions. People who have lactose intolerance or celiac disease tend to be more flatulent than others,” he continues. 

In addition to allergies to dairy or gluten, constipation and various dietary choices can lead to increased farting.

Dr. Sooj decided to sniff out why some people fart more than others.
Jam Press Vid/@doctorsooj

“It can also be a sign of things like constipation, eating things that are difficult to digest and irritable bowel syndrome,” Sooj said. 

Commenters below Sooj’s video cleared the air by openly sharing their own gas habits. 

Some said they farted way above the average amount.

“I farted 20 times in the AM,” Amaz said.

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 “I fart about 50 times before 10am,” wrote Paul. 

“I fart over 100 times a day,” said another user.

People cleared the air by sharing their own farting habits.
People cleared the air by sharing their own farting habits.
Jam Press Vid/@doctorsooj

On average, people fart between five and 15 times a day.
On average, people fart between five and 15 times a day.
Jam Press Vid/@doctorsooj

Others thought it might be fun to give a detailed description of their gassy habits.

“My farts are loud n so smelly and thats not right for a woman like me,” Alisha joked. 

Ali wrote: “Better out than in I say.”

“Proven fact that pretty girls let off the most frequent and worst farts i don’t make the rules,” said Nin. 

Meanwhile, some fart aficionados claim it’s best not to hold things in.

A married woman recently went viral for revealing that her husband called her flatulence “absolutely revolting” — after only farting once in front of him during their nine-year relationship.

The anonymous wife confided in Kidspot readers that she was aware of his distaste for inappropriate public displays of bodily functions, namely burping and passing wind. She recalled that one of her friends let out a belch, and he spent their entire trip home rehashing how “gross” it was.

“After hearing his very strong thoughts on the topic, I made a mental note to ensure my own expelling of gas was done in a very private matter and contained within the bathroom and toilet or until he was not around to hear it,” she wrote.

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That is, until one night, her “guard was down” and the “post-pizza gasses” came back to haunt her. Lying in bed next to her husband, she accidentally let one rip — and was met with a disgusted look.

“Farting is the most unladylike thing a woman can do, especially in front of her husband,” he told her at the time, calling it “revolting.”

However, holding in farts could cause a stink — and land you in the hospital.

One 19-year-old held in her gas for two years around her boyfriend, earning her a trip to the emergency room due to the pain. Clinicians discovered her appendix had burst, leading the poor girl to believe it was due to her holding in her farts.

Another fearful woman had dangerous gas buildup because she couldn’t let it rip, claiming she wasn’t on “farting terms” with her significant other.

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