Italy’s ‘most attractive man’ makes career change — to become a priest

Italy’s ‘most attractive man’ makes career change — to become a priest

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He might soon leave you feeling hot under the clerical collar.

A man once voted the most attractive man in Italy has abandoned his entertainment career — to become a priest.

In 2019, Edoardo Santini, then 17, was voted the most beautiful man in Italy in a pageant organized by the fashion group ABE.

He’s now 21 years old, and it appears as though his new judge is not a pageant head, but God.

The stud, who has more than 7,400 Instagram followers, updated his profile to say ”+I’m a Christian, priest wannabe+.”

Smoldering Santini, from Castle Florentino, claimed he joined a seminary near Florence.

Santini announced his career move on social media on Saturday, according to The Daily Mail. The post is no longer on his Instagram page.

“At 21 years of age I find myself on the path towards becoming a priest, God willing,” Edoardo said.

‘I’ve decided to give up modeling work, acting and dance, but I won’t abandon all my passions, I’ll just live them differently, offering them up to God,” he continued. 

Edoardo said the path to his new vocation was filled with people who inspired him to pursue his dream.

“I have had the opportunity to meet some young people who… have given me the strength to investigate this question that I have carried with me since I was little, but which various fears prevented me from exploring further,” he said.

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“In recent years I have met wonderful people who have given me so much and allowed me to experience art. I won’t abandon everything, because my passions are part of me but I will live them and propose them again in different contexts,” he added.

Edoardo Santini was once voted the “most attractive” man in Italy. Edoardo Santini/Instagram
He decided to give up his life in the arts for a more religious path. Edoardo Santini/Instagram
Edoardo posted a video of himself announcing his career move. Edoardo Santini/Instagram

He explained that living with two priests last year was “the most beautiful experience” of his life.

While it “terrified” him to give up his career to be a priest, he said he wouldn’t change it for the world. 

“Now I can shout: I am Edoardo, I am 21 years old and I am happy,” he said.

He said he won’t give up his artistic passions — he’ll merely channel them into something else. Edoardo Santini/Instagram
He said he’s found his “path” and said many have inspired him along the way. Edoardo Santini/Instagram

He also talked about his passion for the priesthood in a video he posted on Instagram on November 23 that has since gained over 139,000 views.

That video, which shows him blowing out birthday candles and praying in a church, is captioned: “I got back to my path.”

A few naysayers aside, numerous commenters offered him with encouragement, including one who said: “If you’re happy, nothing else matters… follow your path despite everything and in spite of everyone and do what your heart tells you.”

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