Jamaican man lets down dreadlocks he’s been growing for over 40 years: ‘Rasta Rapunzel’

“Rasta Rapunzel,” let down your dreads.

A Jamaican man revealed he’s been growing his dreadlocks for over 40 years and had to stand on a roof to show them off.

In the 45-second clip posted on @jamaicaviralofficial‘s Instagram page, the man, whose name was not disclosed, stands on top of a house to let down his dreadlocks.

While it’s unclear how long his locks are, his tresses go past his feet.

“You haven’t seen any hair like this,” said a bystander. “A real locks this.”

The bearded man wore a gray T-shirt and black shorts paired with boots and a pink towel wrapped around his shoulders.

He untangles his long hair with his fingers while speaking to locals, who are amazed by the Rapunzel-like length.

Jamaican dreadlocks
A Jamaican man revealed he has been growing his long dreadlocks for over 40 years.

Jamaican man dreadlocks
The ombre-colored dreads fall past the rasta’s feet and almost touch the ground.

The current Guinness World Record holder for longest locs, Asha Mandela, has dreads that are 19 feet and 6.5 inches long and weigh 42 pounds, some believe she may have competition.

“That has to be a World Record for longest Dreads,” demanded a hair enthusiast.

“Someone needs to contact the Guinness Book of Records and have him entered before he dies,” another insisted.

A Guinness World Records spokesperson confirmed to The Post, “There is no current record holder for the longest natural locks on a living person (male).”

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Jamaican dreadlocks
It is unclear why he stood on top of the building, but it did allow him to detangle the dreads without them touching the floor.

His ombre hair begins with gray roots, transitions into brown and ends with black tips, which many watchers gushed over.

“Love how you can see them lighten as they aged & more gray hair grew,” added an admirer. “My God, how beautiful.”

The man’s commitment to his dreads has fellow dreadheads realizing they have a long way to go.

“I thought I was doing something with 20 years,” sighed a watcher.

While a few people couldn’t help but refer to the Jamaican man as “Rasta Rapunzel, the real-life Rapunzel.”

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