Kate Moss and smoking: Experts share how cigarettes can ruin your looks

Kate Moss and smoking: Experts share how cigarettes can ruin your looks

Is she smoking hot? Or just smoking?

Fans of Kate Moss, 49, were taken aback by recent photos of the supermodel smoking outside a posh London restaurant.

The snaps published Wednesday seem to show Moss looking less-than-glamorous, and as one commenter put it: “Cancer sticks will age you like that.”

Indeed, smoking is known to cause visible damage to skin, teeth and hair, as well as internal organs and virtually every other part of the human body.

“Overall, you get a lot of chemicals from smoking,” Dr. Raman Madan, director of cosmetic dermatology at Northwell Health on Long Island, told The Post.

“It really has a big effect on the skin and can cause premature aging,” Madan added.

Smoking can affect a person's outward appearance as well as internal organs.
Smoking can affect a person’s outward appearance, as well as internal organs.

Smoking decreases collagen production, Madan explained, and often results in loose, sagging and discolored skin.

That loosening effect on skin can be seen on arms, legs and throughout the body, including the breasts: In smokers, “skin gets pulled down, so [smoking] can cause sagging breasts as well,” Madan said.

Supermodel Kate Moss, seen smoking in 1994.
Supermodel Kate Moss, seen smoking in 1994.

Smoking also affects hair because of vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels that reduces blood flow. With reduced blood flow to hair follicles, it shortens their lifespan, which can lead to hair loss.

These visible impacts are also seen in the mouth: Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth, gum disease and a buildup of dental plaque.

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Kate Moss, as captured in September 2023 in London.
Kate Moss, as captured in September 2023 in London.

The eyes, too, can suffer from macular degeneration, dry eye, cataracts and other ocular conditions caused or worsened by smoking.

Hands and fingers also bear the brunt of smoking, and not just from holding a burning cigarette: A person can get “nail clubbing that changes the shape of the nail bed,” Madan said, and “people’s fingers can turn blue or red” due to vasoconstriction and low blood supply.

Supermodel Kate Moss was often seen smoking while out on the town.
Supermodel Kate Moss has been a longtime smoker.
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People with autoimmune conditions face additional challenges from smoking. Cigarettes are typically triggers for flare-ups of psoriasis, lupus and other diseases that affect the skin.

And for people who hope to correct these visible issues with cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, there’s more bad news: “For patients who need a procedure, smoking will impede your wound healing,” Madan said.

“You’re fighting an uphill battle,” he explained, “because everything you’re doing is getting negated by smoking.”

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