Massive alligator in ‘attack mode’ creeps up on kids in lake as parents scream

Massive alligator in ‘attack mode’ creeps up on kids in lake as parents scream

Crikey! A sneaky ‘gator snuck up a group of swimmers who narrowly escaped its jaws.

David Siljeg captured the alarming incident on video, watching on as the alligator, estimated to be 12 feet long, swam towards a group of children at Texas’ Huntsville State Park on Saturday.

The quick-thinking cameraman thought the predatory reptile appeared smaller than it really was when he first glimpsed the creature, assuming it would abandon the area when it noticed humans splashing in the water.

“Well, that wasn’t the case, as the alligator switched to attack mode and was aiming quickly toward the little kids,” he told Storyful.

An anonymous bystander sprinted into the water, flailing his arms and signaling for the shrieking children to get out of the infested waters as quickly as possible.

Once the group of young kids were safely on the shore, one woman, armed with a floaty, dared her luck to get closer to the ‘gator, which began to swim away.

At the end of the clip, the reptile can be seen slowly inching its way closer to the sand, much of his body surfacing above the water, which was surrounded by signs warning about the dangers of alligators.

Kids swimming and gator nears
The ‘gator inched closer in the water as kids splashed around.
David Siljeg via Storyful

Man waving arms and trying to help save the kids
A man sprinted towards the playing children to warn them of the ‘gator and help them to safety as they screamed.
David Siljeg via Storyful

“Nobody was hurt, thank God, and the sheriff arrived soon after to close the beach and verify that everyone was okay,” Siljeg continued.

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The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department discourages people from feeding or aggravating the creatures and remaining 30 feet away at all times.

“Do not assume that alligators are slow and sluggish. They are extremely quick and agile and will defend themselves when cornered,” the site reads.

“They rarely chase people, but they can outrun or outswim the fastest person for the first 30 feet.”

People running out of the water
Thankfully, everyone in the water got to safety.
David Siljeg via Storyful

Alligator at the shore
The creature approached the shore and the beach was closed for the day.
David Siljeg via Storyful

Multiple alligator sightings have frightened beachgoers this year, while a few unlucky individuals have lost limbs during freak attacks.

Two separate women also died in the jaws of alligators in different states while walking their dogs.

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