Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace doubles down on OnlyFans rant in spat with ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham

Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace doubles down on OnlyFans rant in spat with ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham

Oh, brother.

Trace Cyrus has chosen to double down on earlier controversial comments aimed at the women of OnlyFans, chiding critics today — “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham among them — for their “emotional response to my very logical statement.”

Miley’s tattoo-covered older sibling caused a stir Wednesday after posting a very public dressing-down of the adult content creators, warning his 461,000-plus followers on X that ladies resorting to earning money via the popular site are ruining their chances of “settling down with a good guy with morals.”

“I stand on everything I said,” the Metro Station singer and guitarist wrote today, in a post that also ridiculed those who replied to his earlier rant, saying that most of them weren’t “smart enough to make a valid argument.”

The seemingly unprompted and lengthy original rant — called-out repeatedly as sexist — targeted not only female creators on the site, but male users, too.

“Any guy who is so desperate to see sexual content they are willing to pay for it is a desperate loser,” Cyrus stated.

Trace Cyrus on instagram
Trace Cyrus claims men don’t see female OnlyFans creators as “a future wife, mother, or loyal partner.”

The 34-year-old’s paternalistic tone earned him no shortage of ire online.

“A lot of successful guys will sleep with those girls but they don’t want to wife them,” he explained.

He added that he often sees women on the platform “saying they can’t get a serious relationship,” and claimed that’s because men only see the models’ “value” as “strictly for sex” and not being able to envision them as “a future wife, mother, or loyal partner.”

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The “Shake It” singer said he knows “some amazing girls that do OF,” but just thinks ” this independent minded of not needing a man is extremely tough and leads to a very lonely future.”

“Having a good man and a family will bring you more happiness in old age than OF ever could,” he concluded.

Trace and Miley Cyrus attend the Tom Ford: Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Show.
Trace and Miley Cyrus attend the Tom Ford: Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Show.
Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News /

The remarks sparked a public battle with the “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham, 32.

The OF creator posted a screenshot of the rant to her social media, writing, “Yet men have OF accounts with marriage, family etc. SO CAN WOMAN. Balance & brand is real … forget limited insecure mindsets @tracecyrus.”

“I’ve been defeated 😔,” the “Seventeen Forever” singer joked in reply. “The most intelligent woman of this generation has put me in check. I retract my original statement. Every woman in the world should have an Only Fans.”

Trace Cyrus on instagram
Trace doubled down on his remarks Thursday on social media.

Farrah Abraham attends REGARD Magazine's Summer Issue release party presented by BURN180 with special guest host cover girl Tricia Helfer at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on June 02, 2022, in Los Angeles
“Teen Mom” star and OnlyFans creator Farrah Abraham reacted to Trace Cyrus’ comments.
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Abraham also shared a screenshot of direct messages allegedly between the two, calling him an “ignorant and insecure boy” after he told her he’d be “shocked” to find out that she had a man in her life.

Cyrus appeared to be eager to wash his hands of the affair and move on in an additional post to X on Thursday.

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“When disagreeing with someone you lose the argument when u resort to verbal abuse/name calling. I love calm debates with people on sensitive topics. Its important to hear other perspectives. Im far too logical to have conversations with people who resort to an emotional response,” he said.

Trace appeared with his sister at their mom’s wedding over the weekend.

The Post has reached out to the Cyruses and Abraham for comment.

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