My Frenchie pays my mortgage — I earn $2,000/mo posting cute dog videos online

My Frenchie pays my mortgage — I earn ,000/mo posting cute dog videos online

No bull-dog.

Solana, a cute-as-pie Frenchie living in Colorado, earns her keep — and then some — as a busy spokesdog for numerous brands, according to her savvy owner.

Gabrielle Judge, also known as Anti Work Girlboss on TikTok, revealed that her precious pooch brings in at least $2,000 per month as a four-legged content creator — enough to cover the house payment.

What’s more, the monetizing fur mama promises in a post that has the internet barking loudly after reeling in over 1.6 million views, any human can put their furry friend — or friends — to work like she did.

“My dog pays the mortgage because she does brand deals,” Judge reveals in the video. “And no, Solana is not a celebrity, she doesn’t have a large following.”

Judge, who shares “lazy girl job” career tips and tricks on her social media pages, said she has a “pet creator business,” a side gig where she and her dog create user-generated content — organic-looking endorsement videos — for certain brands, according to The Leap.


If you have a pet and are looking to make extra money. If your job isnt giving you a raise this year this is a low commitment and flexible way to make extra money without having to get another job. Pet brands need a lot of videos of dogs enjoying their products so that they can use those videos to drive sales. The pet economy is skyrocketing as most people are now nesting with dogs instead of having children. You also get free products to make the videos so i get some of my dogs vitamins and food for free. This is also a great business idea for women since there is ton of flexibility! #ugctips #petcreator #lazysidehustleideas2023

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This content creator revealed how her dog makes her $2,000 per month.

The brands will pay creators for this content, the outlet reported, as it will go up on the brand’s social media accounts instead of your own.

“Essentially, pet brands need a lot of videos of pets using their product,” Judge explained. “If you have a pet, you’ve probably had ads before where it’s like a random person just walking their dog showing how a cool a leash is, or a new harness is, right?”

Solana is so popular, the very good girl even has clients on retainer.

“That means we do like 10 to 15 bulk videos a month, and then the brand can do whatever they want with those videos,” Judge said.

“If they wanna use them for like paid ads, if they wanna post them directly to their TikTok account, whatever,” she continued.

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Solana isn’t particularly famous, but she’s still able to bring home the bacon-flavored dog bones.

It helps that this particular Frenchie is a bit of a ham, and good at taking direction, Judge told The Post — not that you need a primetime-ready pup to bring home the bacon-flavored dog bones, she said.

“You really don’t need your dog to be still because the whole point of UGC videos is to create authentic experiences … to show other potential customers,” she explained.

Still, she said, “it’s best to make sure your dog has solid basic training skills.”

Judge also shared how affiliate links — where you link out to an online retailer selling the product being talked about — can earn you sometimes-valuable commissions, particularly if your pet has a larger following.

“It’s a really easy way to make money on the side,” she said. “Your dog gets to try new products, you’re not harming the dog, the dog is just doing normal stuff that it would normally do, you’re just videotaping it.”

The content creator revealed that she uses an agency to make her user-generated content, or UGC videos — but it’s something you can do on your own, according to Business Insider.

In the comments section of the video, some users were inspired to do the same for themselves.

“I know I’ll never be a model,” one person joked. “My dog though, she gets stopped on the street.”

Another agreed, typing, “Wait a minute 🤔 everyone always tells me my dog is beautiful. About to use his pretty privilege.”

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