Prankster coats parents’ kitchen in chocolate: ‘I always wanted a Nutella house’

It was Extreme Makeover: Hansel and Gretel Edition.

An Australian prankster pulled a not-so-sweet stunt after blanketing his parents’ entire kitchen in Nutella so it looked like the inside of a chocolate lava cake or like a Willy Wonka nightmare.

A clip detailing his diabetes-inducing redecorating scheme has amassed over 60 million views online as viewers marvel at the bozo’s audacity.

“I always wanted a Nutella house,” explained Kaih Anderson — known as @kaihspeakup — in the caption to the clip.

The professional prankster specializes in oddball and usually expensive hacks and stunts, including offering a friend $1,000 to quit vaping and surprising his mom with $20,000.

The latter seemed like preemptive reparations for a cruel and unusual prank, in which he decided to repaint his parents’ entire kitchen with the hazelnut-infused spread.

The accompanying clip starts off with the mostly white cooking room looking spic and span.

The kitchen before the molten makeover.
Anderson said he wanted a “Nutella house.”
kaihspeakup / TikTok

It then cuts to the aftermath of the molten makeover, in which every inch of the room — even the humidifier — is plastered with Nutella like a chocolatey version of the iconic blood flood scene from “The Shining.”

In a follow-up clip with 2.4 million views, Anderson demonstrated how he pulled off the cocoa-filled feat, which required him to tarp the entire kitchen with cling wrap al la a serial killer.

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The Aussie then meticulously slathered on the Nutella with a paintbrush until it was sufficiently festooned with the brown gloop.

The kitchen post-prank.
The kitchen was festooned with Nutella down to the humidifier.
kaihspeakup / TikTok

Anderson’s kitchen-frosting stunt dropped jaws across TikTok with one awestruck commenter writing, “Cleanup is gonna be crazy.”

“The question is how rich are u to afford that much Nutella,” inquired another, to which Anderson replied, “Rich like the taste of Nutella.”

“The ants…I can hear them,” said a third.

“Paint the town Nutella,” joked one TikTok wit, while one concerned commenter wrote that they hoped the prankster was cleaning the house.

Anderson claimed in the comments that the cleanup wasn’t too bad.

A jar of Nutella.
A jar of Nutella.
Getty Images

This was presumably due to the cling wrap, which commenters surmised allowed him to envelop the Nutella like a giant trash bag rather than scour it out of every crevice like he would’ve had to do had he not used protection.

Here’s hoping Anderson did so before the infamous Nutella squirrel sniffed out the sweet scheme.

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