Stephen A. Smith can’t stop making bizarre comments about ‘First Take’ hosts

Stephen A. Smith can’t stop making bizarre comments about ‘First Take’ hosts

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Some might say that Stephen. A Smith’s got that dawg in him.

The well-known sports talker can’t seem to help himself recently when it comes to his female colleagues on ESPN’s “First Take,” with Smith increasingly making a number of bizarrely suggestive comments on air while talking with host Molly Qerim and contributor Kimberley A. Martin. 

His latest came on the Wednesday morning edition of the show when Smith oddly interrupted a football debate to ward off anyone reaching out to him for Martin’s number. 

“To the fellas out there, you can’t have her. You’re bums,” Smith interjected, bringing the conversation to a halt. “You know you dogs. Stop texting me about trying to get with Kimberley Martin.

“It ain’t happening!” 

Martin turned to the camera with a shocked and confused look on her face as Smith dissuaded anyone from trying to get him to play matchmaker. 

Kim Martin reacts after Stephen A. Smith’s comments.

It was far from the first time that Stephen A. had acted odd on the air, and it was only a few weeks ago that Qerim had to call out Smith for using his “sexy voice” while speaking with Martin. 

“You know you could just say I agree with Stephen, there’s no crime in that,” Smith said with in a deep seductive tone to Martin. 

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Qerim eventually jumped in asking: “Why do you have to say it in that tone though?” 

Stephen A. Smith has made some awkward comments lately on “First Take.”

The comment led Smith to eventually fire back: “First of all, in my opinion, when I’m not screaming my voice is always sexy.”

A week later, Smith was again fending off his friends from Qerim and Martin while on air. 

“Stop drooling over Molly and Kim,” Smith said. “They aight. I’m just talking to my boys — they’re getting on my nerves.”

He added: “They’re texting me during the show, talking about how phenomenally gorgeous these two women are.” 

Then, of course, there was Smith’s comments about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce that made those in the studio — and probably at home — very uncomfortable, as he used a rather suggestive tone while saying that Swift “is motivating” Kelce. 

“I am quite sure she is. Let’s get that out of the way,” Smith said in a suggestive tone much to the dismay of Qerim and Dan Orlovsky. 

Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, and Dan Orlovsky on a recent episode of “First Take.”

And just about everyone would like to forget the odd time in October when Smith repeated the word “vibrating” on-air several times when he said Qerim’s phone was going off. 

“You always like me mentioning vibrating on the air with your phone,” Smith said as the conversation took a turn into the absurd. “Do you really want me to do that?”

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Smith has been known for his blazing hot sports takes over the years, but now he’s quickly becoming equally as notable for his odd comments that aren’t as sports-focused. 

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