Stephen A. Smith lambastes caller who tried to fool him with ‘Cars’ question: ‘Grown ass man’

Stephen A. Smith lambastes caller who tried to fool him with ‘Cars’ question: ‘Grown ass man’

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Things are never not interesting on Stephen A. Smith’s podcast.

In a segment with a caller on Tuesday, the ESPN “First Take” personality and host of his eponymous show was asked a seemingly innocuous question about sports GOATs that eventually veered into the fictional world — the Pixar universe, to be exact.

“Danny from Wisconsin” wanted to know if Lightning McQueen — the fictional racecar from the “Cars” movie series — ranked among the likes of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady for the greatest in sports history because of his seven Piston Cup wins, which is the racing series held in the animated franchise.

Smith, somehow, was incredibly prepared with not only an answer but a pretty well-thought-out one at that.

“I would tell you he wouldn’t be the GOAT,” Smith said after thinking for a beat. “How are you gonna be the GOAT? Because you’re talking about the movie ‘Cars’, right? You’re talking about the movie ‘Cars,’ right? I mean, when you talk about Strip ‘The King’ Weathers and, and, and Lightning McQueen, they’re both tied with seven Piston Cups … You got somebody that’s tied with you? You got somebody that’s tied with you. Sorry, that ain’t gonna work.

“I know you tried to catch me with that. You didn’t think I knew that about that.”

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If Smith knew all of this because he works for ESPN, which is part of Disney, much like Pixar, he did not elaborate.

But after his first retort, Smith threw some shade at the caller for even asking the question in the first place.

Stephen A. Smith replied to the question with a thoughtful answer.

“I am not about to sit here and argue with a grown ass man about the movie ‘Cars,’” Smith added.

Smith then asked the Danny, who said he was 21, if he liked the “Fast and Furious” franchise, to which the caller responded in the affirmative.

That’s when the sports personality said he wished the two were arguing over those flicks and not an “animated” series.

But Smith was beside himself as the call continued.

Danny then tried to explain to Smith that “Cars” feels real to little kids, but the host abruptly cut him off with a loud response.

“You’re not a little kid, you’re 21!” Smith exclaimed. “You would have a point if you’re 7 years old and calling me, you’re 21 years old! What are you doing, wearing a diaper? Goodbye, man.”

Lightning McQueen has seven Piston Cups in the “Cars” movie franchise.

Between this movie debate and Smith breaking down his favorite sex songs, his podcast truly runs the gamut of topics.

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