Stephen A. Smith warns friends to ‘stop drooling’ over Molly Qerim, Kimberley Martin

Stephen A. Smith warns friends to ‘stop drooling’ over Molly Qerim, Kimberley Martin

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Now, Stephen A. Smith wants to stick to sports.

Smith went on a rant about the reaction to Molly Qerim and Kimberley A. Martin on Wednesday’s episode of “First Take.”

“Stop drooling over Molly and Kim,” Smith said. “They aight. I’m just talking to my boys — they’re getting on my nerves.”

Smith said he had friends and viewers who were distracted from the segment by the stunning appearance of the two female co-hosts.

“They’re texting me during the show, talking about how phenomenally gorgeous these two women are,” Smith said.

The two women — Qerim is a host and Martin is a regular contributor — appeared to be entertained and flattered by the comments Smith was receiving and had light-hearted reactions.

“I’m sick of it,” Smith doubled down. “I’m sick of it. They aight.”

Martin gave the viewers and admirers a wave in her section of the split screen.

Kimberley A. Martin was first taken back by Smith’s rant about their appearance.
ESPN/ Get Up

“To my boys, shut the hell up and listen to the debate element of the show and stop drooling,” Smith said while he wrapped up his rant.

Qerim chimed in to play into Smith’s annoyance.

“Thanks Rodney. Thanks Chris,” Qerim said, referencing the friends who were texting Smith.

The co-hosts decided to play into Smith’s rant about the flooding of compliments about their appearance.
ESPN/ Get Up

Much to Smith’s dismay, Qerim continued to joke around about the comments.

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“Who are the other people?” Qerim continued. “I want to give them a shout.”

This complaint from Smith comes after several recent awkward moments on the show.

Qerim ans Smith recently welcome Shannon Sharpe to their broadcast team.
Instagram/Molly Qerim
Stephen A. Smith, Malika Andrews, Michael Wilbson and Bob Myers during pregame coverage at Madison Square Garden, Oct. 25, 2023.

One incident came when Qerim’s phone was vibrating during the show, unbeknownst to the audience until Smith brought up the topic of vibrating.

This even prompted co-host Dan Orlovsky to put a towel over his head to “avoid getting fired.”

In an episode earlier this month, Smith said he was having a hard time focusing on the topic at hand because he was so distracted by his good looks.

This prompted his colleagues to dive into a lively conversation about his vanity.

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