Teen with autism sets world record with Jenga blocks, inspires Hallmark movie

A Canadian teen broke two of his own Guinness World Records for stacking Jenga blocks and became the basis for a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Auldin Maxwell, 15, of British Columbia stacked a staggering 1,840 standard-sized Jenga pieces on a single block and also piled up 900 giant ones on a single block.

The gifted 15-year-old, who is on the autism spectrum, also became the basis for the Hallmark Christmas movie “A World Record Christmas,” which was released on Nov. 16.

“When I got my first record, I knew I had more in me. I kept running out of Jenga blocks, which motivated me to push myself further,” he told Guinness World Records.

“I kept buying Jenga boxes until I found the number where I needed to practice a little more.”

In November 2020, Maxwell first earned the title for most Jenga blocks stacked on one vertical Jenga block. 

Four months later, he broke that record by stacking 1,400.  

This year, he re-broke both those records by piling up a staggering 1,840.

Auldin Maxwell with jenga piece
Maxwell earned his first Guinness World Record title in November 2020
Youtube/Guinness World Records

Maxwell loves the creativity and challenge the Jenga pieces bring him.

“It’s like having a unique set of blocks that allows endless creativity,” he told the record book.  

“For me, it’s an engineering challenge, and using them really taps into my creativity.” 

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jenga blocks break guinness world record
Maxwell’s story inspired the Hallmark movie “A World Record Christmas.”
Youtube/Guinness World Records

Hallmark liked Maxwell’s story so much that it inspired the cable channel’s movie “A World Record Christmas,” which follows a boy with autism named Charlie who has hopes to set a Guinness World Record with 1,400 Jenga blocks.  

In the heartwarming holiday film, Charlie gets the chance to break the record on Christmas Eve, and his family puts together a town fundraiser, with its proceeds benefiting children with autism. 

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