The weirdly relatable reason so many of us fake our orgasms

The weirdly relatable reason so many of us fake our orgasms

Now that’s funked up. 

Orgasming is typically a goal for lovers when they’re enjoying a night of passion with a partner. But a new study found that a frightening 40% of sexually active men and women often fake orgasms due to their significant other’s bad breath. 

Well, that stinks!

“There are several reasons, both physical and psychological, that might make it difficult for you to reach orgasm and decide to fake one,” wrote researchers in the September 2023 survey conducted by health and wellness imprint Innerbody Research.

“The No. 1 hindrance to having an orgasm for our participants was their partner’s breath.”

Couple holding their noses in bed. (Inset) a dissatisfied couple in bed.
A recent poll found that 42% of sexually active people fake orgasms with their significant others.
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The specialists surveyed over 1,000 adults to explore current trends in romantic relationships and sexual preferences.

The poll showed a whopping 46% of women confessed to falsifying their climaxes while a surprising 38% of men owned up to phoning in a phony release. 

And while a sweetheart’s rotten mouth ranked as the leading barrier blocking them from peak pleasure, the participants also listed painful sexual positions, harsh room temperatures, bad lighting and overthinking as their top obstacles in the bedroom.

Angry man express dissatisfaction to wife, lying on bed at home at night.
Participants listed bad breath, uncomfortable positions, room temperatures, terrible lighting and overthinking as key factors for faking a climax.
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A graphic from the survey which shows that 46% of men and 38% of women regularly fake their orgasms.
The survey of more than 1,000 people determined that 38% of men and 46% of women regularly fake their orgasms.

An angry young couple in bed.
Body odor has recently become a trending point of contention between sexually active couples.
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Foul odors have long stood as a sour spot between sweeties.

Online, a woman recently made a viral plea for help after her boyfriend expressed his disdain for her constant farting.

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And an Australian mother was forced to abstain from kissing her husband while she was pregnant, owing to his rancid tongue. 

But according to the Innerbody researchers, while a touch of halitosis often motivates dissatisfied darlings to put on a fake show in the sheets, a number of folks said they just wanted the sex to stop.

An unhappy couple lying in bed.
Researchers determined that people will fake an orgasm for the sake of their relationship.
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“While stinky breath and an uncomfortable sex position are two factors that may lead to someone faking an orgasm,” said the study, “the most common reason for faking orgasms was wanting sex to be over.”

In fact, the survey found that millennials are the No. 1 perpetrators of the pretending to orgasm stunt, seeing 48% of folks 25 to 40 cop to the sham.

Only 27% of Gen Zers admitted to the NSFW acting, and a mere 20% of Gen X are guilty of the con. 

“The underlying motivation to fake an orgasm largely depends on your relationship goals and overall interpersonal style of connection and communication,” the pollsters wrote.

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