This TikTok mom’s DIY ‘genius hack’ for baby wipes draws questions about how sanitary it really is

This TikTok mom’s DIY ‘genius hack’ for baby wipes draws questions about how sanitary it really is

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I’m all for a good mom hack, and you’ll often catch me on TikTok scrolling for budget meal ideas, wrapping paper tricks and DIY home improvements.

We all know the cost of living is on an upward trajectory, so if I can save a dollar (or three), I’m all ears.

But when I came across this TikTok, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Why spend $5 when you can pay $15?

The video, “Genius Mom Hack,” starts with a paper towel roll in a bowl. 

The mom then douses the roll in baby oil, moisturiser, and nappy rash cream before putting it into a recycled milk bottle.

“This will save you so much money,” the video has written across the top.

The mom then uses her new “hack” as baby wipes for her child.

Ahh, is that safe?

I began wondering how sanitary this was and immediately started researching mold growth on homemade wipes.

I came across an array of forums with parents asking for advice on preventing mold from growing in their DIY wipes, and that was enough for me to hit pass on this particular hack.

This TikTok mom hack features DIY baby wipes. TikTok/ @ljflommom
The mother douses a roll of paper towels in water, baby oil, and other diaper-care necessities. TikTok/ @ljflommom

“Girl, just buy the baby wipes”

And it seems I’m not alone with many of the 9,000 comments the video has amassed questioning the mom’s “hack.”

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“That’s using more money because you have to buy all those products that you’re using on the paper towels plus buying the paper towels,” shared one commenter.

“Or just buy some reusable wipes and use them [with] water,” suggested another.

Other TikTok moms have questioned if this was safe for their children. TikTok/ @ljflommom

“No way did that actually work,” questioned another.

Time costs money

Time is our most precious commodity whether you’re working or not. 

Using it to make something that could be bought for less than $5 and took half an hour just doesn’t add up to me.

So, don’t fall victim to another TikTok viral video and just save yourself the mess (and mold), head to the shops, and just buy the bloody wipes.

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