Tyler Posey: No, ‘Teen Wolf’ co-star Dylan O’Brien wasn’t at my wedding — here’s why

Tyler Posey: No, ‘Teen Wolf’ co-star Dylan O’Brien wasn’t at my wedding — here’s why


Tyler Posey’s wolf pack reunited as he married indie musician Phem at a private meditation garden in Pacific Palisades on Oct. 14.

“It was just so exciting to share that with them. I love them,” Posey, 32, told The Post. “I always have and I always will. They were hanging with me all night and partying and dancing. And it was just such a fun experience and it just meant a lot that whoever did show up was there.”

The actor, who was recently revealed as Hawk on “The Masked Singer,” played Scott McCall on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” for six seasons from 2011 to 2017. Posey’s onscreen best friend Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski), however, did not attend his nuptials.

“No Dylans. They were both busy,” Posey said of O’Brien, 32, and Dylan Sprayberry.

“They were both invited, but they were busy,” he clarified.

Those who did join the festivities included Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin, JR Bourne and Khylin Rhambo.

O’Brien and Posey at Entertainment Weekly’s photocall at Comic-Con on July 11, 2015.
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock
Posey and Phem at their nuptials.
Elizabeth Posey/Instagram
The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day after two years of dating.
Jesse Posey/Instagram
Posey and Phem danced the night away with his “Teen Wolf” castmates.
Jesse Posey/Instagram

“I think those are the only [ones] because we had a pretty small one,” he explained. “I really had to be strategic and kind of bite the bullet and be like, ‘Oh, sh-t, I can’t.’ Who would I need to see there? And all of those people mean so much to me. And so the fact that they can make it was — it was so cool. I was so touched.”

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Some of the “Teen Wolf” cast members do stay in touch in other ways though.

“We do have a text chain. We’re all really busy. I think it’s hard to keep it going every day. But I think my favorite part about it is just growing up together and getting closer and closer as time goes on because it really solidifies how meaningful it is and how true the friendship we actually have when we grow closer, as we grow older. You get more settled into who we are as individuals and getting to share that with one another,” he told The Post.

“It’s true friendship that we were sort of not forced into, but we ran with it. It’s really special,” he continued. “I’m really happy that we have that.”

O’Brien and Posey at a Paley Center event in LA on March 11, 2015.

As for what the main topic of discussion is via text?

“I think we’re always just sharing love with one another and probably sharing food [photos],” he revealed.

“Me and Holland [Roden] specifically — we are huge foodies,” he added. “And so we’re constantly saying we love each other, the whole crew. But then we share what dish was best recently and stuff like that.”

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