Sigourney Weaver play a teen in ‘Avatar-2’

Don’t call Sigourney Weaver an old lady. 

In fact, the “Alien” actress turned back the clock 59 years to play 14-year-old Kiri in the long-awaited sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water.” 

To convincingly portray a teenager — through the wonders of motion-capture technology — Weaver,  

“I was just sitting on the side [of the classroom] listening to the pitch of the voices: everything from a childlike voice to an adult voice,”  

Na’vi alien Kiri is the daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine, Weaver’s scientist character who was killed in the original 2009 “Avatar.” 

Director and screenwriter James Cameron, who first worked with the three-time Oscar nominee on 1986’s “Aliens,” knew years ago