White Lotus’ star Jennifer Coolidge reveals her ‘best d–k’

“The White Lotus” star Jennifer Coolidge made a splash this summer by dishing about all the men she got after “American Pie.” 

When being interviewed by her friend Ariana Grande for Entertainment Weekly’s 2022 Entertainers of the Year cover story...

...she admitted that her role in “American Pie” as Stifler’s mom — aka “the MILF” — helped her dating life soar. 

“‘American Pie’ was just — it helped my dating life in a way that I can’t ever explain. 

If I hadn’t had that movie, I don’t think … Well, let’s just say it would’ve been a very dull decade,” Coolidge, 61, shared. 

But Grande, 29, pushed Coolidge more, wanting to get the scoop on just how many guys she was drowning in.