Whoopi Goldberg: Joy Behar married so she has someone to ‘pull the plug’

A plug for marriage?

A discussion Wednesday on “The View” about how to decline an invitation to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding led to a surprising admission about one of the co-hosts.

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, and Alyssa Farah Griffin went around the table sharing their bridesmaid tales — and the reasons why they feel it’s acceptable to opt out of someone’s big day.

“I had to turn down one. The dress was so hideous,” confessed Hostin, 54. “I love a wedding — but I’m more of a professional wedding crasher … The average cost of being in a wedding for a bridesmaid is like $1,800, and you’re doing a job.”

Behar, 80, then offered a tip on how to politely say no to a wedding party invite.

Whoopi: Joy Behar only married again so he'd 'pull the plug' for her
Whoopi Goldberg, 67, claimed she does not go to weddings.

“I was asked to be a bridesmaid when I graduated high school, and I hated the dress, just like yours,” she motioned to Hostin.

“And I said, ‘Look, I can’t. I can’t afford this,’” Behar recalled. “That’s what you say.”

Haines, 45, then asked an unusually quiet Goldberg, 67, if she had ever been a bridesmaid.

“I don’t go to weddings,” the EGOT winner, who has been divorced three times, bluntly declared.

Whoopi: Joy Behar only married again so he'd 'pull the plug' for her
All the co-hosts of “The View” said it’s OK for people to decline being bridesmaids in a friend’s wedding.

However, Behar reminded Goldberg that she attended the red-headed comedian’s wedding to her second husband, Steve Janowitz, in 2011.

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“Yours is the only one I went to,” Goldberg agreed with Behar. “I love the reason you got married: Not just because you were in love, but because you guys wanted to make sure that, you know, you had somebody in case somebody had to pull the plug.”

“Right? Isn’t that what you said?” Goldberg asked, as the audience nervously laughed.

“And I thought, ‘Love is great, but practicality is everything,’” she added.

The Post reached out to a rep for Behar for comment.

Behar married her current husband, Steve Janowitz, in 2011.
Joy Behar married her second husband, Steve Janowitz, in 2011.

Behar visits "Good Morning America" in 2011 to dish on her surprise wedding.
Behar visits “Good Morning America” in 2011 to dish on her surprise wedding.
Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

Goldberg also made headlines Thursday when she abruptly interrupted herself to starkly ask Griffin, “Are you pregnant?”

“No,” replied the former White House director of strategic communications, 34, who appeared stunned as the question seemed to come out of the blue.

“Oh my god! You can’t say that when my mother-in-law is here, who’s been dying for me to get pregnant!”

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