Alex Rodriguez makes baffling ‘punching a little person’ comment on ESPN

Alex Rodriguez makes baffling ‘punching a little person’ comment on ESPN

Once again, Alex Rodriguez has said something he probably should have kept to himself.

On Sunday’s edition of the “Kay-Rod Cast,” ESPN’s alternative broadcast for “Sunday Night Baseball” with Rodriguez and Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, A-Rod made a baffling analogy when he was trying to describe a technique for hitting a baseball.

“Posture up and [swing] right down, you cannot get in trouble, it’s like you’re punching a little person. With your right hand, it’s going boom, right there. With that knee down, and now you’re on top of the baseball,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez seemed to realize that referencing the idea of striking a little person could prompt him to take some heat but continued onwards through a convoluted analogy.

The former Yankees third baseman and three-time MVP was already receiving backlash for his offhand remark on Sunday night.

“Yet another awful ARod blunder trying to be so creative and descriptive,” one fan wrote. “He makes everyone so uncomfortable. Always with the overdone, pre-scripted lines thinking he’s so articulate and cool.”

It isn’t the first time this month A-Rod has made news during a TV appearance.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez has gotten himself into controversy again.
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Michael Kay
Michael Kay joined A-Rod on ESPN in 2022.
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During MLB’s All-Star Game earlier this month, Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken Jr. revealed that Rodriguez had “pissed him off” during the 2001 Midseason Classic when the 25-year-old Rodriguez asked Ripken to switch back to shortstop in what he thought was a classy gesture.

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The Kay-Rod broadcast, first introduced in 2022, combines commentary from Rodriguez’s playing career with Kay’s long broadcasting career.

Alex Rodriguez
Rodriguez was a star for the Yankees during the back half of his career.

Kay told The Post in March that he wants to invite some controversial guests to rile up Rodriguez.

“I like mischief,” Kay said.

“So anybody that could rile up Alex would be a dream guest. People from his past, not to name names, but I thought it was great to have Derek Jeter last year, and there was a lot of anticipation for that.

“If we could get people from Alex’s past, maybe people that he dated, not naming names, I think that would be fun.”

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