Yes, Ben Affleck freestyles with Ice Spice in new Dunkin’ commercial

Yes, Ben Affleck freestyles with Ice Spice in new Dunkin’ commercial

You do-nut need to like coffee to love Dunkin’s newest drink collab.

The Massachusetts-based caffeine brand’s favorite customer Ben Affleck and rapper Ice Spice came together to present the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink.

A commercial featuring the Oscar winner, 51, and the “Princess Diana” singer, 23, for the company dropped Tuesday night during the MTV Video Music Awards.

The “Argo” star even directed the clip and featured himself with the Bronx native sitting at a table mulling over coffee.

“Things with Dunkin’ are going well. Big promotion!” Affleck said in the ad. “They made me brand ambassador.” 

The pair then discussed what moniker they should name their new drink.

“I’m a Dunkin’ girl,” Spice replied, suggesting that maybe the libation could be named after her. “Ice Spice? My fans are the ‘Munchkins.’”

“Where are you going with this,” the “Air” actor wondered. To which, she responded: “Ice Spice Munchkins drink.” 

The new coffee bereave is full of whip, pumpkin doughnut holes and caramel sauce.

The new beverage will be available nationwide for a short time and blends frozen Dunkin’ coffee with the pumpkin cake Munchkins holes.

The frosty sweetness is then topped with dollop of whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

It’s also reminiscent of the texture of a cookies and cream shake, a press release said.

Ice Spice’s customized drink launched on Sept. 13 for a limited team.

“The pumpkin-forward flavor appeals to those early bird pumpkin aficionados, regardless of the season’s official start. With its frozen base, it’s the perfect go-to for those eager to embrace the pumpkin wave ahead of schedule,” the memo explained.

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The thrust quencher was officially released on Sept. 13. “Collaborating with Dunkin’ and Ben Affleck on this spot was a dream. The drink has a fun twist, a little something in the name for my fans, too. I can’t wait for everyone to try it,” Ice Spice said in a statement.

Affleck’s love affair with Dunkin’ products has stretched beyond his most recent commercial with Spice.

Self-proclaimed Dunkin’ lover Affleck stars in the new ad featuring Ice Spice.

He even starred in the company’s first Super Bowl ad this past February alongside wife Jennifer Lopez.

In the ad, Affleck donned an employee uniform with a black visor and shirt that read “America runs on Dunkin’.”

The “Good Will Hunting” screenwriter also sported a headset and took orders, but struggled to run the company’s ordering system. 

While many customers recognized him working the window, one buyer in particular — Lopez, 54 — appeared shocked in the commercial. “What are you doing here? Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?” she asks at the end. “Grab me a glazed!”

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