I live in a tent with my husband and 3 kids — we eat dinner on the beach

I live in a tent with my husband and 3 kids — we eat dinner on the beach

Dune not disturb.

Australians Bohannah Gerritsen, 32, and Tye Gerritsen, 35, are embracing their family’s unconventional lifestyle, traveling in a trailer, living in a tent and cooking dinner on the beach.

The couple, who goes by @thesimplefolk_ on TikTok, call their unique way of living “a creative life on the road.”

With their three children, they began their journey in 2018 when they started staying in a 1981 Spaceline caravan nicknamed “Sunny.”

A 9-second TikTok from last month with over 469,000 views shows the couple embracing as their three kids, Indiana, Archer and Olive, play in the sand at the campsite.

Bohannah Gerritsen
The Gerritsen family has been traveling across Australia in a trailer and living in a Oztent.

“A tent for a year -—would you do it?! After this chapter, I think we’ll be able to do just about anything together,” reads the caption on the Aug. 26 video.

The Post reached out to the family, who hails from Perth Hills in Western Australia, for comment.

Nearly 50,000 TikTok users follow their nomadic lifestyle.

“Cutest and most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a very long time,” one watcher gushed about the beach scene last month.

“Beautiful, honestly, good for you and your family,” added another.

A clip this week revealed how they prepare dinner on the beach.

“Our favorite kind of dinners. A little more effort required but always worth the reward,” reads the caption on Monday’s video.

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The children peel corn husks while Bohannah boils a pot of water as the campfire rages in the background.

The lifestyle allows the family of five to enjoy each other's presence and have more outdoor experiences.
The lifestyle allows the family of five to enjoy each other’s presence and have more outdoor experiences.

The family of five did not share the final meal, but encouraged others to try this outdoor dining activity.

“This is your sign to take dinner to the beach,” reads the text overlay on the 12-second clip.

“We do this all the time,” one person confided. “Our favorite thing to do.”

“I just found you but your little family & lifestyle is my dream, makes me happy to see this exists so thank u for sharing,” admired another.

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