I tried the 75 Hard challenge and was hospitalized for water poisoning

She went too hard.

Michelle Fairburn began the 75 Hard challenge nearly two weeks ago.

She followed the rigid guidelines — which includes following a strict diet with no alcohol nor cheat meals, participating in two workouts per day and consuming a gallon of water daily for 75 days — but it landed her in the hospital.

“I think I have water poisoning,” Fairburn said in a TikTok on Tuesday. “I don’t feel good at all.”

The lethargic content creator described getting up numerous times in the night to rush to the bathroom and had lost her appetite.

She said she didn’t “know what to do” in her dire scenario, weighing the option of taking a rest day and listening to her body.

But here’s the catch: If you skip a day of 75 Hard, you have to start back at square one.

Michelle Fairburn on TikTok
She believed she had “water poisoning” from drinking a gallon of water every day for 12 days.

Michelle Fairburn on TikTok
The content creator detailed her symptoms — including lethargy, fatigue, nausea and excessive bathroom trips.

“I don’t want to fail 75 Hard,” she continued. “I don’t wanna go back to day one. I can push myself through the workouts — I can — I’ll just do slow workouts.”

After a trip to the doctor, the realtor was sent to the hospital due to a severe sodium deficiency after chugging a gallon of water every day for 12 days.

Extreme sodium deficiencies, or hyponatremia, can be life-threatening if left untreated, according to Mayo Clinic.

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“I’m still gonna do the 75 Hard Challenge, I’m not gonna give up,” she explained in a subsequent clip. “But he says I have to drink less than half a liter of water a day.”

“I cannot believe this is actually happening,” Fairburn added.

The recommended daily water intake for adults ranges from approximately 15 cups for men to 11 cups for women. For reference, there are 16 cups in a gallon of water.

While an extra few cups of water doesn’t seem like much, Fairburn is convinced her symptoms occurred after gulping down the better half of a gallon too quickly, potentially causing the water poisoning.

But at the hospital, her bloodwork appeared normal, leaving clinicians scratching their heads.

Michelle Fairburn on TikTok sitting in her car
Her physician assumed she had depleted her body of sodium and advised she visit the hospital.

Michelle Fairburn in TikTok in her car
While Fairburn said she would continue the 75 Hard program, she assured viewers she would consume a doctor-recommended amount of water.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what it was,” she said. “But they said not to drink that much water.”

75 Hard, which has amassed 1.8 billion views on TikTok, was created by entrepreneur and influencer Andy Frisella to test “mental toughness.”

Marketed as “Ironman for your brain” — not a “fitness program” — Friscella swears his free regimen “can change your life … starting from the inside.”

“I specifically designed 75 HARD so that no matter where you are at physically, you can do the tasks,” he wrote online, including a medical disclaimer to consult a physician before participating. “Whether you haven’t exercised in a decade, or you hit the gym 7 days a week, you can do this.”

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Michelle Fairburn on TikTok sitting in her car
Critics of the so-called “mental toughness” program have slammed the regimen as unrealistic and potentially unsafe.

On TikTok, Fairburn slammed the messaging pushed by the program, during which participants must complete their daily checklists.

“You didn’t mark everything complete,” a message to Fairburn from 75 Hard reads. “That means you either did the work and forgot to check everything off, or you let your inner b–ch voice beat you.”

Flabbergasted, Fairburn responded: “No sir, I was actually just in the hospital.”

The Post has reached out to Fairburn and Frisella for comment.

Despite impressive transformations over the course of 75 days, some experts have sounded alarm bells over the extreme challenge.

Global Nike trainer Lauren Schramm told The Post last month that the challenge is not only unrealistic, but it “pushes the boundaries of safety for the majority of the population and does not promote healthy levels of movement, diet and rest.”

“I actually think there is a lot of wasted effort that would occur if you follow this plan,” she warned.

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